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International Moving

Moving internationally is an adventure, whether you are going with your company or emigrating:  new experiences, new friends ... a new life. But not everything new.  Having some of your old things around you makes a house into a home.  That’s where we, at Adams Express, can help.

We’ve been moving people’s personal possessions around the world since 1898.  We’ve learned a few things over that time.  Yes, of course, we understand how to pack things properly and transport them safely by land, sea and air.  We also have a strong network of agents, companies just like ours, in every country of the world, waiting to look after you when you arrive.  But there’s much more.

Our discerning customers expect excellence, and that’s what we provide.  From initial enquiry and survey to customs clearance and final delivery – we’ve got you.  You can trust us.  It’s that trust that has been the foundation of our success throughout our long history and remains so to this day. 

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Adams Express provides all the moving, storage and logistics services you need in one place. We have all the equipment we need in-house, including vehicles for transport. We also have full time employees who are ready to help you whenever needed.
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